KunstStation C Annual Report 2011

Like many, the economic recession has the art sector struggling to sustain themselves during these difficult times. When shear survival is the main task, resources are less available for art and creativity. This brings us to the concept of the annual report for KunstStation C. It represents the goal and purpose of the organisation, which is to stimulate people, mainly children, to get more involved with art, hereditary land and media. This can be seen on the back sides of each poster. In the first poster you basically see nothing but a landscape with some symbols that don't mean anything. At first, that is. In the next poster, things are still kept vague. The symbols have morphed into more complex shapes and a small part of an artwork can be seen and is slowly revealing itself in the following posters. In the last poster, the artwork is fully revealed and the symbols have evolved into a text in a self made typeface. This whole process symbolizes the goal of KunstStation C, which is to bring back art in these difficult times as financial support for the arts continues to erode elsewhere in society. This project has been done in collaboration with Jeroen Meines.

Type: 4x A2 posters, an edition of 600 copies